Google alum launches MightyTV for cable cord-cutters


The startup MIghtyTV provides a Tinder-like interface that allows users to swipe through content and uses artificial intelligence to store and recommend shows to watch.

NEW YORK—A New York startup is looking to alleviate you of the incessant clicking and scrolling through hundreds of channels to find something to watch.

MightyTV, which has raised more than $2 million in venture funding to date, launched Wednesday with a former Google exec at the helm. The startup’s technology incorporates machine learning with computer-generated recommendations in what is being touted as a “major step up” from other static list-making apps.

In this age of Roku and Apple TV, viewers can choose what to watch via the apps they’ve downloaded. MightyTV curates those programs — shows, movies and YouTube videos — into one app without constantly switching between Amazon, HBO, Netflix or Hulu.

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he company was co-founded by media tech entrepreneur Bryan Slavin and Brian Adams. The two entrepreneurs met about 10 years ago while working in the video department at AOL.

“That was an exciting time,” Adams told New York Business Journal, citing AOL’s then-largest online catalogue for music videos. “This was before YouTube, and [Bryan] worked for Lightningcast.” AOL purchased Lightningcast, an early adtech innovator, in 2006.

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“We stayed in touch ever since,” said Adams, who went on to launch his own startup, New York-based AdMeld. He later sold it to Google for $400 million in 2007. Adams remained with Google until February 2015.

When asked why he didn’t create MightyTV under the Google umbrella, Adams said: “Being an entrepreneur is something that’s in your blood. Sometimes I call it a disease. I wanted to see if i could do it again. and I loved being at Google, but I wanted to give it one more shot.”


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